welcome to my website

I studied Sculpture at Sunderland University as a mature student, coming to it through my enjoyment of pottery but wanting to explore my creativity further.

I have enjoyed working in a variety of material, exploring the restrictions and opportunities that they offer. These have included wood and paper, separately and in combination. To make simple forms which articulate the space which they occupy is what I am striving to achieve. Always working by hand.

I have returned to clay because I enjoy the immediate responsiveness and pliability of it. Hence a new website.

Pieces are made as an exploration of ideas generated by my external and internal worlds. Each piece is unique. Sometimes my work is a collection of forms made to explore a theme and sometimes a single piece. I like and frequently prefer not to use a glazed finish as it can detract from the simplicity of the form. These works are finished with a sealant instead..

I work from home where I have a studio.